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Bringing a wealth of infectious humour, charm and energy to  any speaking engagement, Nick has a particular interest in merging his comedy stylings, performance knowledge and people engagement skills to develop electric experiences.

He has  had the pleasure of working with companies such as IBM, Disney Australia and The Australian Defence Force, as well as Australia's premier creative and digital innovation gathering, Pause Festival.

He's also incredibly comfortable as a brand spokesman, becoming the face of the Mycar rebrand across Australia in 2019-2020.

Nick's skills span across the broadcast arena too, having had a breakfast show on KISSFM Australia, and continuing to host the Australian Arts podcast The Act of Storytelling.

His latest project sees him take the helm of a soon-to-be social media zeitgeist, an online comedy tonight show called

In Newcastle Tonight.

Harnessing these skills, Nick also offers Nick a unique ability to pass on his craft to others via coaching stagecraft and presenting techniques to corporate leaders across the world.

Bookings for Nick's 'Presence' program can be made via

Jack Morton Australia.

Headline roles.

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Nick became spokesmen for the brand overhaul, helping Kmart Tyre and Auto become Mycar across TV, Print, OOH and more.


MyCar Spokesmen

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Nick was the inaugural host of Pause Festival Australia, interviewing some of the brightest minds in Technology and Digital across the world.

Live Events

Pause Festival

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Nick hosts an Australian Arts podcast alongside fellow creative, Lauren Bailey. They speak to people who are impacting the world through their art. 


The Act of Storytelling

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Nick is the host of online comedy tonight show, In Newcastle Tonight.
It features comedy coming to you fresh from regional Australia to the world.


In Newcastle Tonight

Nick hosted FIRST BASE with ScottScott, Cainy and RebeccaJo.
The radio show featured on KISSFM Network Melbourne.



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Nick to well versed in hosting corporate events, providing these services to Disney Australia as one  such client.


Disney Australia

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